2 Years Warranty

Arca Official is delighted to offer a comprehensive 2 years full replacement warranty. If, within this period, your item is found to be defective or exhibits irregularities in functionality, we commit to providing a full replacement for the product within 730 days from the date of receiving your package.

In the event of any issues, we kindly request information about the current problems you are encountering with the product. To better understand and address your concerns, we may ask you to provide pictures or videos for analysis, enabling us to identify the origin of the problem and implement preventive measures for future cases.

Our commitment to delivering quality products is reflected in this all-encompassing warranty, a testament to our confidence in the excellence of our offerings.

Please be aware that if the 2 years period has lapsed, we are unable to offer replacements. 

Instructions for Initiating a Warranty Process:

Before initiating a warranty claim, please ensure that the problem with your product stems from production issues or conditions related to the product itself, rather than misuse or intentional damage by the customer.

To commence the warranty process, follow these steps:

  1. Email Submission: Send an email to info@arcaofficial.com with the following details:

    • Proof of Purchase
    • Order Number
    • Complete Name
  2. Description of Inconvenience: Provide a brief description of the inconvenience you are experiencing. Attach pictures or videos substantiating your claim.

Upon receiving your email, we will promptly analyze your case and provide a swift response along with a viable solution.

Thank you for choosing Arca Official as your preferred shopping destination. We value your trust and are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our products.